Marjorie Rouse

Marjorie Rouse
Marjorie Rouse 
Vice President
Senior VP for Programs

Marjorie Rouse is Senior Vice President for Programs, providing the strategic vision and technical leadership for Internews’ program development efforts globally. Prior to this position, Rouse was Vice-President for Europe, Eurasia and ICT Policy for Internews Network, using her media experience to develop production and advocacy programs for independent broadcast media professionals and professional associations around the world.  She started with Internews as Regional Director for the Western NIS, based in Ukraine. 

Rouse has worked for many media outlets developing long and short format programming including a documentary for the History Channel on World War II in Ukraine, “Who destroyed Kyiv.” In 1996, Rouse covered the Dole campaign and in 1997 she was broadcast producer for the launch of “Greater Boston,” a nightly public affairs program on WGBH in Boston.

An award winning network news producer, from 1988 to 1995 Rouse was based in Moscow, covering the former Soviet Union, as well as conflict in the Balkans, Chechnya, Somalia and Haiti for NBC News. Rouse was awarded an Olive Branch award for her investigative reports on loose nukes in the former Soviet Union and an Overseas Press Club Award for her coverage of the 1993 October Uprising in Moscow. She has a Masters degree in Russian Literature from SUNY Albany and is fluent in Russian.

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