Human Rights

The need to protect the principles first enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights more than 60 years ago remains as urgent as ever. The media plays a key role in upholding the declaration’s principles, but often countries with poor human rights records are those with limited media freedom.

Internews trains both professional and citizen journalists to analyze and report on human rights issues more effectively. We support independent media to preserve access to information and promote the monitoring of human rights violations.

We support freedom of expression by helping to keep information flows open and connecting human rights defenders with their local media.

Our work also aims to reduce the potential for harm to journalists, writers and other civil society activists in countries where they are most at risk. We also build the independence and credibility of emerging information stakeholders, such as internet bloggers, to allow communities to trust in their most prolific sources of information.

Through the highly specialist work of our technology hub, we assist local media partners and civil society groups in developing new communication and information tools and technologies to further increase local dialogue around human rights and access to information. 

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