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Internews innovates and promulgates increased communications access, especially via the internet and mobile phones, with the belief that insufficient or blocked access to communications slows development, while unimpeded access to information leads to real change in communities. A free and open Internet helps to enable creative and sustainable media and information flows that in turn promote a better quality of life.

Explore the Global Digital Download, an aggregate of resources on Internet freedom, highlighting trends in digital and social media that intersect with freedom of expression, policy, privacy, censorship and new technologies.

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  • Undercover and Working for Change

    Monday, October 10, 2016

    Last year the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights named Honduras the most dangerous country in Latin America for journalists. Xiomara Orellana has been working as a journalist for decades in Honduras. She has taken great risks to follow her passion to explain the migration experience.

    “The essence of what you do is in the impact that it has on people; for you to inform, change, help consolidate democratic societies."

    —Xiomara Orellana

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