Covering the Earth: Apply to Report from Rio+20

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This Earth Day, we're supporting a couple of new efforts to support journalists around the world working to improve public understanding of environmental issues through their reporting.

A new fellowship opportunity is currently available to report from the Rio+20 Earth Summit in June. And this coming week, leaders from 11 countries and the EU will visit Washington DC, to collaborate and strengthen their networks at home.

To see the difference that local reporting can make, watch and share videos of farmers and activists in Indonesia using mobile phones to create change, through a pilot project in collaboration with ICFJ and RuaiTV. You can also read a profile of American environmental reporter David Biello, an Internews Earth Journalism Award-winner.

Fellowship Opportunity: Cover the Rio Earth Summit this Summer

Internews' Earth Journalism Network (EJN) and O Eco have developed a Fellowship program to bring journalists to the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Fellowship program will start on June 14th, when the Fellows will arrive in Rio. The days prior to the Rio+20 Summit will include journalism training sessions, pre-Summit conferences, and at least one field trip. Apply Now>>

New Media Empower Local Communities

In Indonesia, rural farmers and environmental advocates are using mobiles to report, connect, and raise awareness of their issues. (More)

Expanding Networks of Environmental Journalists Worldwide

Internews' Earth Journalism Network is convening a dozen environmental journalism leaders from around the world in Washington DC, as part of EJN's mission to build and strengthen networks of environmental journalists.

The gathering will focus on management training, and several participants will be speaking at a public event being held at the Woodrow Wilson Center on the morning of Friday, April 27th. Read more>>

Profile: David Biello, Environmental Reporter

David Biello is a journalist covering environmental issues in the United States and internationally. In 2009 Biello won an Internews Earth Journalism Award for his series, A Guide to Carbon Capture and Storage, published in Scientific American.

Since the Awards, held alongside the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen, Biello has made reporting on international climate negotiations a priority in his coverage, most recently reporting from the 2011 summit in Durban, South Africa. Read an interview with Biello>>

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