Information is a Lifeline for Refugees

A Syrian refugee woman and child stand on the beach of Lesvos

In the midst of holiday and end-of-year celebrations, take the time to consider those who are far away from their homes and loved ones, who face insecurity and violence – they rely on the support of donors like you to help them reach safety.

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Your gift sustains our mission in more than 50 countries by connecting people with the information they need, especially in times of crisis. We know that accurate, reliable information during humanitarian emergencies combats rumors and misinformation and helps people find the resources they need. That has never been more apparent than right now, as millions of families are crossing uncertain terrain fleeing from war-torn Syria.

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Internews is on the ground in Europe actively responding to the information needs of people who arrive on the shores of Greece in droves every day in hopes of finding a safe place for their family.

A woman points to a map on a banner while a couple looks on.
In Lesvos, Greece, a humanitarian worker helps Syrian refugees with a five-language map and information banner produced by Internews. (Matt Abud/Internews)

Internews responded with a simple solution. We put banners on the beach in Arabic, Dari and Pashto, signposting the process through the islands along with a clear map. We equipped trucks with loudspeakers and developed audio content to roam key points, telling people to say calm and directing them to free services. Finally, we started mapping the needs of the populations as they moved north. It was clear they needed local, trusted information along the route and we responded with, “News That Moves,” a news information service based in Macedonia that aggregates and creates content from stringers all along the Balkans route.

This is just the beginning of our work in responding to the information needs of refugees. Now, we need you to step in and make a contribution – your gift empowers refugees with accurate, reliable information as they walk these dangerous paths to safety.

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Jeanne Bourgault
Internews President & CEO

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