The Health Finance and Governance Briefing Kit

Cover: Health Finance & Governance Briefing Kit
USAID & Internews in Kenya

Writing health finance and governance stories can be challenging. Health finance is riddled with complex language, technical economic terms, and numbers – not necessarily a journalist’s comfort zone. The right sources for these stories can be difficult to identify and unwilling to talk. Data may be difficult to locate or to understand. And while corruption makes for splashy headlines, the broader systemic challenges of health governance are not widely understood – and yet they are important.

The Health Finance and Governance Briefing Kit is designed to help journalists and their editors uncover and tell these important health stories. It was developed by the HFG Project in collaboration with Internews Kenya’s Health Media Project. A team of 15 Kenyans journalists field-tested the briefing kit during a week-long workshop held in Nairobi.

The briefing kit is an easy-to-use resource not only for the media, but also for civil society groups and health stakeholders who would like to engage in advocacy for health priorities in their communities and countries.

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