Naath FM Nasir

Baseline Assessment Key Findings and Recommendations

Cover: Naath FM Nasir - Baseline Assessment Key Findings and Recommendations
(credit: Internews)
Nina McMurry

In September 2011, prior to the opening of Naath FM Nasir, Internews’ newest community radio station in Nasir, Upper Nile State, Internews conducted a baseline assessment to gather information about the listening audience, including their radio listening habits, information needs, and attitudes and knowledge on key topics. In the immediate term, this information will help Internews tailor programming on the new station to best meet the needs of the community. In the longer term, it will also help determine the impact of the station by allowing Internews to measure changes in habits, attitudes, and other characteristics of the
community between the time the baseline was conducted and after the station has been broadcasting for some time.

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