In the Service of the Public

Functions and Transformation of Media in Developing Countries

Cover: In the Service of the People
Jan Lublinski, Merjam Wakili, Petra Berner (eds.)

This study from Deutsche Welle analyses the transformation process of state media towards public service media. It looks at individual cases of former government mouthpieces being turned into media that operate on behalf of the people in their country. Alternatives are also taken into consideration: private and community media that operate in the service of the public.

Overall case studies from twelve developing countries and emerging economies are presented. An assessment is made of the role media development actors have played and in which methodological setting they have placed their interventions. Finally, recommendations for the practice of media development are made. The most important findings are put in a nutshell here, followed by a brief overview of the individual case studies.

Internews' role in the transformation of Kyrgyzstan's main state broadcaster (OTRK) to that of public service media is covered in Section 4.

Download the report, In the Service of the People.

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