Chad Media and Telecoms Landscape Guide

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Infoasaid produced this media landscape guide about Chad in September 2012.

Media overview

  • Radio is the main channel through which people receive news and information in Chad.
  • However, the choice of listening in most areas is limited.
  • The only radio station with nationwide reach is the government-run Radiodiffusion Nationale du Tchad (RNT).
  • It broadcasts for 24 hours a day on FM, Medium Wave and Short Wave and can be heard in most parts of the country.
  • According to a BBC media audience survey conducted in 2009, RNT attracts just over half the national radio audience.
  • Many communities in Central and Southern Chad are also served by some 40 privately owned local radio stations.
  • Most of these are owned by community associations, NGOs and religious organisations rather than purely commercial interests.
  • Most of Chad’s private radio stations have a single FM transmitter and a broadcast range of 50 to 90 km.
  • They typically broadcast for a few hours in the morning, go off air in the middle of the day and resume broadcasting in the late afternoon and evening.
  • Private radio stations are only allowed to broadcast on FM and their transmitters are limited by law to a maximum strength of 1,000 watts.
  • This means that they can only function as local radio stations. They are unable to challenge state-run RNT at a national level.
  • The only Chadian TV station is state-run TéléTchad. However, this is only viewed be people with access to electricity in the country’s main cities.
  • A handful of newspapers are published in N’Djamena, but they have a tiny circulation and are only read by the educated elite in the capital and a handful of other large towns.
  • Many private radio stations in Chad belong to organisations that are linked to Christian churches or Muslim associations.
  • Others are owned and run local associations of a non-religious nature.

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