South Sudan Community Radio Audience Feedback Study 2012-2013

Reports & Surveys
A qualitative analysis of the opinions and information needs of listeners in Leer, Malaulkon, Turalei and Nasir

The purpose of the 2012-2013 Audience Feedback Study was to assess the current information needs of the populations served by Internews’ network of community radio stations in South Sudan, and how the stations are meeting those needs. Specific objectives include the following:

  • to highlight the information needs and access problems of individuals and how they might vary in terms of age, gender, and other factors;
  • to gain a better understanding of the interplay between information needs/access problems and local conditions;
  • to gather feedback from individuals on the impact and role of their community radio station;
  • to gather feedback on the preferences and opinions of listeners with respect to specific radio programs, including suggestions for improvement;
  • to identify the various ways that individuals interact with their community radio station (or what might prevent them from doing so).

The Audience Feedback Study was conducted during the same general timeframe as the South Sudan National Audience Survey, a nationally representative survey commissioned by Internews with a similar purpose and objectives. While the national survey was a sweeping, quantitative description of the media landscape across South Sudan as a whole, the present study was a more intimate affair; it brought together small groups of individuals to discuss their opinions and information needs in a more open-ended manner. The resulting qualitative feedback from this study provides an invaluable and more in-depth understanding of many issues that are highlighted by the national media survey.

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