5 Katrina Survivors Talk About Making It Through The Storm

August 27, 2015
“The best way to commemorate a disaster like Katrina is to talk about it.”

(The Listening Post project, covered in this article from BuzzFeed, was created by reporter Jesse Hardman in partnership with Internews, GroundSource, and WWNO.)

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, a community media project called the Listening Post is asking people to record their reflections on the disaster.

Courtesty of The Listening Post

Their recording station at the New Orleans Museum of Art prompts visitors to speak into this owl-shaped microphone and share memories.

Here are some of the most moving moments they collected:

1. “My sister was laying on a bed and she was about five months old and a tree fell into the room.”

2. “I hung them in the closet, never thinking I would need a life preserver to swim out of my house.”

3. “This is what stays with me: croaking frogs that were in my house when I returned after the storm.”

4. “I always think about ways we can continue to improve upon what’s still lacking.”

5. “I was crying while I was holding her. I was saying that we’re gonna go home … and you’re gonna see the New Orleans that I know and love very well.”

People can also text in responses that may be read on air at WWNO, the New Orleans-area NPR member station.