"Somali Voices" Provides an Opportunity for Debate and Dialogue

February 6, 2014

In partnership with Star FM, a Nairobi-based Somali language radio station, Internews has established three community radio stations in Mogadishu, Gurieel and Dhusamareb. The radio stations provide independent information and provide an opportunity for debate and dialogue in a country that is emerging from 20-plus years of conflict.

Somali Voices, one of the most popular programs broadcast on the stations, gives voice to different groups including local government, civil society organizations, youth, and IDPs, and also provides music and cultural programming.

Watch a video about the radio stations:

“I believe that the people of Somalia need a strong voice for peace,” says Ismail Sheikh Khalifa, managing editor of Star FM. “Listeners tell us that our shows on peace and non-violent local conflict resolution have helped to reduce rape and gender-based violence in their communities.”

“Every day we have new callers and new participants engaging in public dialogue about real-time issues,” he added. “We even have Somalis from Kenya and Ethiopia chiming in on daily issues such as food, shelter and water shortages.” 

Internews’ work in Somalia is supported by USAID’s Office of Conflict Management and Mitigation.