After the January 12, 2010 earthquake, Internews put together a team to assist local radio stations to continue broadcasting news and information, which was critical in the aftermath of the devastation. On January 21, the team began producing Enfòmasyon Nou Dwe Konnon (News You Can Use), a humanitarian radio program that provides vital information to Haitians. Since then, Internews has also been training local journalists in humanitarian reporting. The Caribbean nation became a real-world laboratory for new communication tools as relief workers used innovative technologies to aid in the recovery. Interactive maps and SMS (Short Message Service) texts helped guide search-and-rescue teams and find people in need of critical supplies.

See a 2012 review of Internews’ humanitarian information radio program: Closing the Loop — Responding to People’s Information Needs from Crisis Response to Recovery to Development

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017

    The Haiti Humanitarian Information Services is a UKAID funded project launched in October 2016 to respond to the devastating effects of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. The goal is to improve the quality of timely and actionable information in Haitian communities affected by the hurricane in order to reduce their vulnerability, improve protection outcomes and promote accountability in the response.