After the youth led revolution that ousted Mubarak, Internews started working with students to teach them practical journalism – using newspaper, radio, TV, and new media to identify and address salient community issues.  Internews’ pioneering “Future Leaders” program works with young Egyptians to increase their use of social and new media tools for effecting change, and to provide students with the necessary skills and confidence to use multimedia as a platform to share community issues, stories, discuss tolerance, tackle problems, and find solutions.

Having relationships with five universities across Egypt and active partnerships with NGOs in five governorates, Internews is able to work with youth in key areas of the country at a critical juncture in Egypt’s history.  This network and reach has the potential to bring the voices and perspective of youth into the public dialogue on issues such as the constitutional process, elections, gender based violence, unemployment, tourism, and religious tolerance. 

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  • Egyptian Journalists Build Skills amid Instability

    A man holds a newspaper up and points to it
    Thursday, January 8, 2015

    Within the current environment of political instability in Egypt, a big challenge for journalists is navigating an objective role in a contentious society.

    Internews in Egypt successfully brought together in November and December fifty media professionals with differing opinions to discuss the meaning of democracy and the role of the journalist within this climate.

  • Village Women in Egypt Advocate for their Constitutional Rights

    A woman writes something on a table while 2 men watch
    Tuesday, September 23, 2014

    Naga’ Wanas, a small village in the Droo area of Aswan, Egypt, is characterized by its hospitable agricultural community. However it is steeped in illiteracy and a lack of basic infrastructure. Most of the close-knit community members do not have a strong grasp of their rights under the newly passed Egyptian constitution.

    Through Internews’ Egyptian Pulse project, women in Naga’ Wanas were taught how to apply for their national IDs and then use that document to obtain birth and marriage certificates. These documents can secure them legal rights under the new constitution.

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