Palestinian Territories

Under the Enhancing Independent Palestinian Media Project in the West Bank and Gaza, Internews is supporting the professional development of independent local media to be a source of accurate information for Palestinians. Internews is working with the media outlets to build the skills of management and staff to deliver professional, objective news on economic, health, legal, and social issues. Work is also being done to strengthen the Jossor Radio and Television Affiliate Network by ensuring the financial sustainability of individual member stations covering the West Bank and Gaza through business planning and strategies.

The 2014 Gaza conflict led to widespread destruction and destabilization of local media infrastructure. In turn, ordinary citizens struggled to access the information they needed in order to find safety and aid. In response, Internews provided support to local radio stations and SMS/mobile channels providing life-saving humanitarian and health information. Through nine media partners located both in Gaza and in the West Bank, the Gaza Humanitarian Information Service was able to reach 95% of the population in the Gaza strip through the height of the crisis. This project was funded by the UKAID Rapid Response Facility (RRF), of which Internews is a pre-qualified partner.

In order to better prepare young journalists entering the profession, Internews is working with Palestinian universities to update their journalism curricula by working with them to develop new courses in multi-media journalism, professional standards and ethics. Internews is also supporting practical training through the creation of multimedia labs in two journalism schools.

Internews has created a technical committee comprised of Journalism Department Deans, media outlet researchers owners, media specialists and organizations to work on launching a Media Policy and Resource Center to provide a source of information on the local media environment, policy creation and recommendations, advocacy for media issues, and support for media outlets, universities, and donors.

Internews has been working in the West Bank and Gaza since 2006.

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