Request a Speaker

Internews staff have a range of regional and topical expertise. To request a speaker, please contact Michaela McGill.

  • Jeanne Bourgault
    President and CEO
    Language(s): Russian
    Expertise: Democracy Assistance, Media Development, Non-Profit Management
  • Alison Campbell
    Senior Director for Global Initiatives
    Language(s): English
    Expertise: Conflict and Media, Environmental Information, Health Information, Humanitarian Information, Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Sam de Silva
    Innovation Advisor, Internews Center for Innovation and Learning
    Language(s): English
    Expertise: Online & Mobile Strategies, Asia
  • Deborah Ensor
    Chief of Party, South Sudan
    Language(s): English
    Expertise: South Sudan, Sub-Saharan Africa
  • James Fahn
    Global Director of Environmental Programs
    Language(s): Thai
    Expertise: Environmental Information, Asia
  • Will Ferroggiaro
    Project Director - Conflict and Media
    Language(s): English
    Expertise: Atrocity Prevention, Conflict and Media, Ethnic Conflict, Genocide, Right to Information/Freedom of Information/Transparency and Good Governance/Declassification/Government Secrecy, US Foreign Policy
  • Mark Frohardt
    Executive Director, Internews Center for Innovation and Learning
    Language(s): French
    Expertise: Center for Innovation & Learning, Humanitarian Information, Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Gary Garriot
    Director of ICT Programs
    Language(s): Spanish
    Expertise: Human Rights, ICT and Development, Latin America/Caribbean, Project Management/Strategic Partnerships, Internet Initiatives
  • Anahi Ayala Iacucci
    Innovation Advisor, Internews Center for Innovation and Learning
    Language(s): Spanish
    Expertise: Crisis mapping, ICT4D, Social Media, Technology, Middle East & North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Josh Machleder
    Vice President for Europe and Eurasia
    Language(s): Russian
    Expertise: Gender and Human Rights, Eurasia, Europe
  • Amanda Noonan
    Director of Research and Learning, Internews Center for Innovation & Learning
    Language(s): English
    Expertise: Research, Word-of-Mouth Networks, Asia
  • Jacobo Quintanilla
    Director of Humanitarian Information Projects
    Language(s): Spanish
    Expertise: Emergency Response Operations, Haiti, Humanitarian Information, Sri Lanka
  • Kathleen Reen
    Vice President for ICT Policy and Programs
    Language(s): English
    Expertise: Indonesia, Internet Initiatives, Asia
  • Marjorie Rouse
    Senior VP for Programs
    Language(s): Russian
    Expertise: Media Law & Policy, Ukraine, Eurasia, Europe