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Internews has partnered with Eye Radio in Juba, South Sudan to improve the quantity and quality of news and information. Credit: What Took You So Long

Accountable Partnerships Initiative

A core priority of the Internews 2025 Strategy is to ensure that Internews is a leader in mutually accountable partnerships with organizations based in the communities we serve. To do this, we collect data on our partnerships, conduct feedback surveys, and create tools, benchmarks, and collaborative initiatives with our partners to further improve our performance.

Guiding Principles for Accountable Partnerships

The Guiding Principles for Accountable Partnerships were created to increase accountability to our partners and the communities which we ultimately serve. It is a set of five principles that are aspirational in nature, written with our key project partners in mind.  This guidance is used to train our staff and onboard partners on how we commit to working together and improve our partnerships over time, and we want our partners to hold us accountable to them.

(French, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian translations are coming soon.)

Internews Fellowship

The Accountable Partnerships team has developed a new opportunity for Internews partners​ who are interested in a deeper strategic partnership with us. This one-year fellowship will allow participants to receive technical assistance beyond that afforded through their existing or past projects with us, as well as support to collaborate with Internews in joint initiatives and events. In turn, Internews will receive their insights and advice on how to strengthen our service to partner organizations, as well as their help in advancing our Global Change Agenda.

Our first cohort of Fellows, beginning in January 2021, will receive benefits throughout the year to enhance their organizations’ exposure, competitiveness, and sustainability.

Listening and Learning – 2020 Feedback Survey

In an effort to better understand our partners’ experience working with Internews, we conducted a survey in early 2020 that was distributed to all organizations that receive Internews funding. Our goal is to better understand our partners’ experience working with Internews and how we can best serve their needs. Our 2020 survey found that 95% of our partners would work with Internews again, rating us 4.22 out of 5 in overall partnership experience. Most respondents said they had a better (56%) or equally positive (44%) experience working with us compared to our peers.