Amani Shnino, Gaza, Radio & Video Reporter

I came to Internews as a writer, with no clue about video reporting,” said Amani Shnino, Internews’ intern at Alwan Radio. “I was also afraid of producing video reports, thinking that it is one of the most difficult tasks for me. I convinced myself that writing is enough.”

Amani was one of thirteen young journalists selected for Internews’ multi-media training that included video reporting and story production. “With practice and training, I was able to produce my first video report,” she said. “Suddenly, it became very simple to me. I also realized what an important skill it is to have for any journalist.”

Through a new media training sessions, Amani decided to create her first blog.

“I was really touched when I started writing about the situation in Gaza, and one of the readers posted a comment saying ‘Thank you Amani, you really touched the reality of Gaza, and talked about things that concern us.’”

“When I read her story about the Abu Duhair family, a family who was killed in Gaza, I could feel every word in there; it touched the bottom of my heart,” said Mohammad Abu Shahma, an Internews’ staff member.

Since Amani joined Internews she also got the chance to be a regular contributor to Al Akhbar, the Lebanese journal in which she writes the Mokhayyamat (Camps) column. 

Banner photo: Gaza woman. (credit: Marius Arnesen/CC)