People must be able to engage with media and information in a way that empowers and advances their social and economic progress. Empowered individuals demand higher-quality news and information, creating a virtuous circle between producers and consumers.

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The rapid proliferation and democratization of media has led to some new challenges. Propaganda and misinformation is being widely used in many parts of the world. The ubiquity of social media has supported echo chambers of more narrowly filtered information and we see growing problems with hate speech across online media. To reverse this trend, we strive to improve media, information and data literacy, so that people are better able to discern the validity and integrity of the news and information they consume. We understand that true engagement requires building the capacity to listen. We recognize the growing importance of ensuring that all people in a community are driving the conversation, so we are adopting strategies to directly engage underrepresented voices across the media and information environment.

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