Asma Kassab, Gaza, Multimedia Producer

Asma KassabWhen Asma Kassab was working as a presenter and producer for Youth Palestine Radio, she was chosen by her boss to get training from Internews. 

“I was very shy, lacked confidence, and didn’t have the courage to enter the field, write reports or interact with people to choose my topics for the programs. My boss kept telling me that I have hidden capabilities that I should bring out, but I couldn’t.”

Asma credits Internews with making a positive affect on her career as a journalist.

“I feel stronger, more confident and open to the world,” she said. “I know I can create a great deal in radio programs and reports, as well as video. Now I can handle whatever it takes to produce radio reports, getting in the field and searching for real stories.”

Asma added, “I have learned how important it is to strengthen my relationships with people and my communications skills to get stories, news and ideas.

Asma demonstrated her enthusiasm and energy, showing courage in producing her first video report, when she talked about a very sensitive issue in her society.

“I was proud to produce my first report about honor killings. It is a critical issue in our society, I was afraid but excited to highlight and talk about it,” she said. 

Banner photo: Palestinian women walk in al-Maghazi refugee camp market, central Gaza strip. (credit: Suhair Karam / IRIN/CC)