Balkan Media Assistance Program Launched

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Maureen Cormack, US Ambassador in BiH, opened the event, which was attended by media professionals from across the region, USAID representatives from all five countries, representatives of many local and international media organizations, and Internews’ Regional Director for Europe and Eurasia, Dr. Gillian McCormack.

BMAP seeks to enhance the professionalism and sustainability of media in the Balkan region by working with renowned and promising new media outlets to improve their digital content quality, business processes, and collaboration.

The objectives of the BMAP project are to:

  • Provide outlets and media partners with more substantial and stable resources to operate as viable enterprises;
  • Strengthen ability of content producers to engage wider audiences and expand reach across the region;
  • Foster stronger partnerships to advance solutions on common challenges.

In the coming months, BMAP will launch an online platform,, to share resources and training materials for journalists and content creators and help build a spirit of professional community among media across the region. It will aim to help a diverse group of local and regional media thrive through online learning and interaction.

Media inquiries may be directed to [email protected].