Board Chair Offers to Match Donations up to $30,000

Internews is happy to announce that our generous board chair, Simone Coxe, has offered to match every donation, dollar for dollar, until we reach $30,000. This is an opportunity to double your donation – and the impact that is has – all around the world.

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Simone CoxeI’ve served on Internews’ board for the last few years because I believe passionately in information’s power to transform, empower, and save lives. I’ve had the opportunity to see this firsthand from my home in Silicon Valley, working with organizations and companies that use technology to make information more accessible, more useful, more powerful.

Internews does this too, in communities far beyond Silicon Valley and in environments that are difficult for us to imagine. And I’m asking you to join me in supporting Internews so that this important work can continue in the months ahead.

I’m never more proud of Internews than when I have the opportunity to see our work first hand in the field, making a difference in communities facing challenges and opportunities I hadn’t thought of before. I recently visited Internews’ program in Ukraine to see the ways information, media, and technology are helping people engage with their growing and changing democracy. Our partners there are bringing innovation and creativity to building broadcast and web-based news outlets that are providing the tools and knowledge Ukrainians need to hold their government accountable and participate in the discussion about their country’s future. The journalists, entrepreneurs, and technologists doing this work need help and resources — and Internews is there for them. 

So I hope you will be there for Internews and join me in making a gift today. Your gift this month will be matched dollar for dollar, doubling your donation and the good Internews can do with it in its programs throughout the world.  

In the aftermath of our elections here in the US, I’m reminded of how essential information access is to the democratic process. From finding a polling place to the data that tells us who a candidate’s donors are or what her positions are, the databases, analysis, and reporting available to us as voters in the months leading up to an election have become indispensable parts of the process. Internews is helping our partners in Ukraine and some forty other countries around the world build the media ecosystem to support and sustain democracy. I hope you’ll join us — and make double the impact — with a gift this month.

With gratitude,

Simone Coxe

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