Christine Akuol, South Sudan, Radio Journalist

“As a journalist I know that part of my job is to empower the community,” says Christine Akuol, a reporter at Mayardit FM in Turalei, southern Sudan. Akuol is part of a five-member team trained by Internews as community radio station reporters.

Forced into marriage at age 16, Akuol has a personal interest in covering issues of importance for women and girls. She was eventually able to leave the marriage, but not before becoming pregnant, and having
to give up her dream of finishing school.

In 2010, the new community’s radio station in Turalei gave Akuol, still hungry to learn and use her education, an opportunity.

“After my experience I wanted to try to change a few things in my community. I got what I would call a second chance. I never ever dreamt of being a journalist after becoming a housewife but here I am,” says Akuol.

Months after the station launched, Akuol had recorded several half-hour programs that deal with women’s issues.

“My best so far is one that I did on forced marriage. I had to do a program on that since it had
happened to me.”

(Banner photo: Women in Turalei, South Sudan where the Internews-supported Mayardit community radio station was established. Credit: Internews)