Climate Change, Biodiversity Need More Coverage

The Biggest Story of the Century Needs More Coverage

EJN Executive Director James Fahn argues in Scientific American that because of the dire outlook for our planet, “journalists have a responsibility to be honest about our planetary prospects, and to report as often and openly as possible about climate change.” Read the full article>>

Climate Change Fellows Gear Up for COP24 in Poland

The 20 Climate Change Media Partnership Fellows who attended the Global Climate Action Summit in September have produced dozens of stories and are now gearing up to cover the United Nations 24th Conference of Parties convention to be held in Poland in December. Read more>>

Investigating Wildlife Trafficking Project Convenes Partners in London

EJN has launched an investigative reporting project to address the threats to biodiversity posed by the illegal wildlife trade. Last month, convening with partners in London, grantees and EJN staff had the opportunity to attend two separate conferences focused on wildlife trafficking. Read more>>

EJN Media Grants Available in Asia-Pacific and Bay of Bengal Regions

EJN has two new funding opportunities aimed at enhancing environmental reporting in the Asia-Pacific region. The grants will be given out in two lots of up to US$20,000 for one year. Both are focused on improving the quantity and quality of environmental coverage in the Asia-Pacific region by helping groups build reporting resources, networks and information exchanges around climate change. Read more>>

  Two women hold their thumbs up. Standing in front of a concreate building.

Kruger’s contested borderlands’ focuses a multimedia spotlight on alleged land grabs along the Mozambique border. Credit: Filipa Domingues

Oxpeckers Investigative Journalism Wins Top Award for Climate Change, Wildlife Reporting

Oxpeckers Investigative Environmental Journalism, which receives support from EJN, won the 2018 SAB Environmental Award for written media for editor Fiona Macleod’s work on a four-part ClimaTracker investigation that showcased how local neighborhoods are surviving disruption by climate change, and a year-long multimedia investigation into alleged land grabs in the anti-poaching buffer zone between Mozambique and the world-famous Kruger National Park in South Africa. Read more>>

Media Training in Senegal Highlights Challenges, Offers Guidance for Covering Fisheries

EJN held a media training workshop in Senegal in early October so reporters from four coastal fishing towns could gather content for stories on IUU fishing in harbors, landing spots and other environments that are difficult for them to access. Part of EJN’s West Africa Fisheries Journalism project, the workshop also aimed to improve communication between the media and government officials and scientists and encouraged attendees to apply for future EJN story grants. Read more>>

Welcome Samisoni G Pareti, EJN Content Coordinator for Fiji and the Pacific

The Earth Journalism Network recently welcomed Samisoni G Pareti as our new content coordinator for Fiji and the Pacific. In this role he will lead EJN’s work in Fiji, where he is based, as well as in Tonga, Samoa and Tuvalu. He’ll work closely with EJN’s funding recipients, commissioning environmental stories for the network’s InfoPacific website, mentoring journalists and organizing trainings and workshops. Read more>>