COVID-19 Resources and Guides

COVID-19 Resources and Guides

Guidance for Reporting 

Infographic - Reporting on clinical trials

Guidelines: Reporting on Clinical Trials:

Tips for reporters to keep in mind when covering the challenging scientific aspect of this public health emergency. This guide includes 8 simple steps to help journalists to understand the role and limitations of clinical trials. 



Reporting on the Second Wave

Reporting on the "Second Wave"

As governments steer their countries toward recovery in the midst of a pandemic, they now face the challenge of easing lockdowns and restrictions while balancing various health, social, and economic concerns. This guidance provides you with the most current scientific research on a second wave of COVID-19.


Cover - Tools for Social Distancing

Tools for News Reporting during Social Distancing

With many workplaces in semi or total lockdown in response to COVID-19, many journalists are adjusting to the new reality of working from home. This affects the way journalists report on their communities. How do we ensure that community voices are still at the center of reporting?

A man stands holding a magazine and wearing a mask

Your Safety as a Journalist Reporting COVID-19

This guide gives you some basic guidelines to follow as a journalist to protect yourself and others when reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic and proposes new ways to gather news and information as you maintain social distancing.

Reporting on vulnerable communities including LBGTI

Reporting on Vulnerable Populations: LGBTQ+ People

We know that COVID-19 does not discriminate. However existing vulnerabilities may put some people at an increased risk of catching the virus, serious illness or to suffer the impact of the social and economic implications of the pandemic.

Rumor Tracking and Humanitarian Response

A man sits on a motorbike, wearing a mask, while children play around him.

Lugara: COVID-19 Media Bulletin South Sudan

Lugara is a bi-weekly bulletin designed for and by media partners and journalists in South Sudan reporting and working on COVID-19 and other related health and development challenges. 

IIiyo Semeka

Iliyo Semeka (What was Said) - COVID-19 Bulletin from DRC

Internews in the Democratic Republic of Congo is producing this weekly bulletin - Iliyo Semeka ("What was said" in Swahili) to respond to rumors and misinformation about COVID-19. 

Two health workers wearing PPE talk

Information Ecosystem Assessment: Migrants in Thailand during COVID-19

This Information Ecosystem Assessment includes the thoughts and opinions of 48 migrant community leaders and migrant workers in Thailand with regard to COVID-19.  

cover of bulletin - rumor guidance - hydroxychloroquine

Rumor Guidance: Unproven Treatments

The drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine have been talked about a lot lately. This guide discusses the latest research on the drugs and their implications for treating COVID-19.

cover of bulletin - do Patients develop Immunity after recovery?

Rumor: Are Patients Immune after Recovering from COVID-19?

This report takes you through the latest research on the issue of immunity after recovery, and provides guidance on how to report on this challenging question.

cover of bulletin - is COVID-19 Airborne

Reporting on Rumors: Is COVID-19 Airborne?

This guide explains the science behind what we know so far about COVID-19 and how it is transmitted, and gives advice on how journalists should report on it.

Rumor Bulletin #1

Social Media Rumor Bulletin

Internews is working with Translators without Borders and Standby Task Force to collect and analyze rumors and misinformation related to COVID-19 in this bi-weekly bulletin.

In the Loop bulletin

In the Loop

This bi-weekly humanitarian feedback newsletter is produced to inform organizations and local authorities delivering services to refugees, returnees and host communities in Kenya's informal settlements. Current issues address information about COVID-19.

Cover of guidance re stigma and migrants

Guidance: How to Prevent Stigma against Migrant Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided an opportunity for some extremist groups to inflame stigma and discrimination towards migrant workers. This document provides guidance to journalists on how to neutralize stigma, and avoid fanning community bias and anxieties.

What support is available to migrants living in Thailand?

COVID-19: What Support is Available to Migrants Living in Thailand?

This document answers questions about COVID-19 for migrants living in Thailand, such as testing for the virus, work issues and where to get further information.

Cover of Local Media and Community Engagement

Local Media and Community Engagement in Humanitarian Settings

lnternews has adapted its trusted Communicating with Communities methodologies to ensure people have access to information during the current pandemic.

Responding to COVID infodemic cover page

Responding to the COVID-19 Infodemic

This report outlines outcomes and lessons learned, including listening first, speed, technical expertise, local knowledge, integration, trust, and accessibility, as well as three core actions for effective communication during Covid-19.