Dadaab Journalist Fatuma Abdi Gedi

Fatuma Abdi Gedi is a young woman from the Kenyan community of Dadaab – host to the world’s largest refugee camp. She had no previous journalism experience prior to her training with Internews, and is now a reporter and co-presenter on Gargaar, a daily Somali language radio program broadcast daily to the camps and local community.

Watch a video profile of Fatuma Abdi Gedi.

“Our community, they don’t usually have women journalists or hear ladies on the radio,” says Fatuma. “So through the Gargaar program I have gotten the opportunity to be a role model for others. Internews has made my dream come true by giving me a voice on the radio.”

Fatuma’s reports have made more families aware of why their children should go to school, and have given them a better understanding of how to access services for health and livelihood.

Dadaab, in North Eastern Kenya bordering Somalia, is home not only to the world’s largest refugee camp, but also the local host community, largely made up of Somali speaking Kenyans. The challenges faced by the local community are significant, and in many key indicators of health and education they lag even behind the refugee population. The community has critical needs when it comes to information.

Through the Dadaab Humanitarian Information Service, Internews has trained refugee and host community youth as journalists fully equipped with the skills and resources needed to produce humanitarian radio stories for their own communities.