Jordan: Data for Change: Using open data to promote government transparency and accountability

Jordan: Data for Change: Using open data to promote government transparency and accountability

To increase citizens' access to objective information in support of a rights-respecting society, Data for Change aims to equip a cadre of local journalists and other content producers with the skills to produce engaging news and in-depth feature content on issues of public interest.

Data journalism acts as a key bridge between open data initiatives at the government level and demand for more transparent and accountable governance at the consumer level. For the media industry, it is an opportunity to produce analytical, yet engaging, content that can help maintain audiences in an increasingly competitive market of digital information consumption. Internews' Data for Change project will create a group of data journalism practitioners that will use the growing amount of available socioeconomic data (open data) about Jordan to create news and feature content that more effectively engages audiences on topics important to the local community. Competitively selected participants will enroll in a 200-hour Data Journalism Certification Program consisting of classroom training, theory, and skills-based learning assessments and a simulated newsroom environment. The certification program will produce Jordan's first cadre of local public interest journalists who harness data to cover critical issues related to service delivery, local socioeconomic reforms, local governance, and human rights.

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Data Journalism is the practice of using data to tell compelling, human interest stories to the general public or specific audiences.

Program Information

Program Format

Fourteen selected participants will commit to a 200-hour training program. Five one-week sessions will be over the course of 12 months, with at least four weeks in between each workshop. At the conclusion of each workshop, participants will be given weekly assignments that culminate in story publication prior to the next workshop.

Basic Requirements

  • More than 2 years of experience in a print, online or audio-visual media outlet, research-oriented civil society organization or tech hub
  • Experience in advocacy and/or reporting on public interest stories
  • Experience or credible interest/commitment to data journalism and/or data-driven communications


  • Commit to five weeks of training (one-week data literacy introductory course and four one-week data workshops over the course of 12 months) 80% attendance required to qualify for a certificate.
  • Submit weekly assignments over the 12-month period and produce and publish data-driven content throughout the course.
  • Collaborate with civil society and tech community on data driven projects.

Application Process

Applications for the Data Journalism Certification Program are now closed.

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