EJN InfoCongo Fund will Support In-Depth Reporting in Central Africa

With the support of the World Resources Institute, the initiative InfoCongo will finance stories that highlight the environmental change in the region. InfoCongo.org is the geoJournalism platform of Internews’ Earth Journalism Network (EJN) in Central Africa. Launched in August 2015, it aims to identify local and international reporters dedicated to covering environmental issues in the region. The main focus is to show the impacts of environmental change on human lives and ecosystems. As a geoJournalism project, InfoCongo uses the techniques of geo-referenced information, mapping and data visualization to tell stories.

As part of the InfoCongo initiative, EJN is offering grants in partnership with the World Resources Institute, to help journalists to better tell the story of the region. The grant opportunity is open to reporters of the countries of the Congo Basin and also professionals from other nationalities interested or already working in the region.

This call will provide a total of roughly US$15,000 in support of the stories. Proposals ranging from US$1500 to US$5000 will be considered.

More information and to apply (in French and English)