EJN to Take Eight Journalists to the Latin America and Caribbean Congress on Conservation Biology 2018

As part of the three-year Biodiversity Media Initiative to encourage strong media coverage of biodiversity and conservation issues, EJN will bring 8 journalists to the inaugural Latin America and Caribbean Congress for Conservation Biology (LACCCB 2018) in Trinidad & Tobago. Hosted by the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) and the University of the West Indies, this conference brings together conservation professionals from across the hemisphere to strengthen connections between the Caribbean and the Americas. 

The EJN Fellows will attend the three-day conference as well as a day-long orientation session that will enrich their understanding of biodiversity and conservation issues in the Americas. They will also take a field trip to the local bird sanctuary to experience the nesting place of the national bird of Trinidad, the scarlet ibis. This fellowship brings together the following journalists to report on the issues that relate to their own countries:

  • Jewel Fraser, Seafood Source (Trinidad)
  • Daniel Gutman, Inter Press News Agency (Argentina)
  • Jack Lo Lau, Mongabay Latam (Peru)
  • Margaret López, HispanoPost Media Group (Venezuela)
  • Samuel López, Red Prensa Verde (Colombia)
  • Maria Eduarda Menegassi, O Eco (Brazil)
  • Rocío Muñoz, Radio Universidad de Santiago (Chile)
  • Mónica Andrea Rincón Marmolejo, Caracol Televisión (Colombia)

This fellowship is made possible through EJN’s partnership with Arcadia, a charitable fund of Peter Baldwin and Lisbet Rausing.