Power of Film Benefit

Power of Film Benefit

FilmAid’s 20th Anniversary Power of Film Benefit


We were thrilled to launch the new partnership of FilmAid as a project of Internews on November 6 in New York.

We celebrated the 20-year legacy of FilmAid. From its earliest days screening cartoons and comedies for Kosovar refugees, FilmAid had an impact. We welcomed More Raça, who was just six years old during those first screenings, and who has now launched her own career as a filmmaker and human rights activist.

We honored David Linde, CEO of Participant media, for his role in harnessing the power of film for social change, with the 2019 Richard C. Holbrooke Memorial Award for Dedication to Humanitarian Service. The award was introduced by Kati Marton, author and wife of the late Richard Holbrooke, and presented by actress Katie Holmes.

Our deep thanks to all those who joined and supported the event. We’re looking forward to expanding the work of FilmAid to help meet the challenges facing vulnerable communities around the world.

Watch a video about FilmAid:

For two decades, supporters like you have made it possible for FilmAid to train refugee youth to tell their own stories and deliver timely and actionable information to their communities about their rights, their safety, their health and their future.

As we reflect on the power of film to change lives, join us in meeting the challenges of the next 20 years. This year, FilmAid enters a new and exciting phase as a project of Internews: an innovative, international non-profit dedicated to empowering local media and expanding freedom of expression around the world. We can’t wait to show you the work we’ll accomplish together.

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Photos from the event

Three women sit together
Actor Katie Holmes, Internews Board Member Cristiana Falcone Sorrell, and Internews CEO Jeanne Bourgault
A man and woman stand on a stage together, the man holds a large photo
David Linde, Participant CEO and FilmAid Honoree, and actor Katie Holmes.
Two women stand side by side
Author Kati Marton and filmmaker More Raça
A room full of people chatting and drinking
Attendees of the FilmAid Benefit
A crowd of people sit and stand in a room, talking and drinking
Attendees of the FilmAid Benefit
A man stands in front of some photos on a wall
David Linde, Participant CEO and FilmAid Honoree
Three people stand looking at photos on a wall
Attendees view photos of FilmAid projects. Actor Tim Blake Nelson is standing center
Two woman and one man sit next to each other
Filmmaker More Raça, FilmAid founder Caroline Baron, and David Linde
A group of people pose
Keefe Murren, FilmAid Executive Director; David Linde, Participant CEO; Kati Marton, author; Jeanne Bourgault, Internews CEO and President; Katie Holmes, actor; Caroline Baron, FilmAid founder; Tim Blake Nelson, actor; More Raça, filmmaker
Two men stand talking to each other
At The Standard, High Line.