First Public Media Ratings Results Released for Liberia

Liberia’s first professionally researched and certified media ratings results have been released today at the 2018 Media Market Day in Monrovia.

Hosted by Internews and funded by USAID, the Market Day aims to assist media business growth by providing information that media and advertisers can use to make informed decisions about advertising.

The GeoPoll results show the success of Liberia’s media in serving its target audiences.


  • The top most watched stations include: LNTV, Sky TV, and Power TV
  • On weekdays, LNTV achieves its highest ratings around 8:30-9:00 am, and again in the evening between 7:30pm-9:30pm.
  • Between 6pm and 7.30pm, LNTV achieves the highest audience with a 10+ average rating.


  • ELBC continues to lead amongst radio, followed by Truth, ECOWAS, and Radio Gbarnga.
  • ELBC has a strong lead in listenership throughout the day with highest ratings between 6-8am on weekdays.
  • Both Truth and ECOWAS radio have higher ratings in the evening, between 6-10pm.


  • Of the top 5 stations, LNTV and KMTV were more watched by males.
  • Sky TV and Power TV were split evenly across gender viewership, while Light TV was more watched by females.
  • Listenership among the top 10 stations mostly attracts the male audience.
  • Radio Gbarnga, ELBC, HOTT FM and Truth achieve the highest share of viewership within the male audience.
  • Amongst the top stations, BBC, ELWA, and Hott FM Nimba were more split evenly across genders.


  • LNTV is the leading TV station nationally with 190,000 viewers followed by Sky TV with 70,000 viewership.
  • Power TV and KMTV are ranked 3rd and 4th positions respectively, with Light and CU TV closing out the top 6.
  • National Radio listenership is lead by ELBC with 214,000 average listeners, followed by Truth, ECOWAS, and Radio Gbarnga

Top stations by province:

  • Nimba: HOTT FM
  • Sinoe: Smile
  • Bomi: Radio Bomi
  • Bong: ELBC
  • Grand Bassa: Radio Gbehzon
  • Grand Cape Mount: Radio Cape Mount
  • Grand Gedeh: ELBC
  • Lofa, Margibi, Maryland, Montserrado: ELBC


Using a combination of media significantly increases purchasing behavior.

  • 38% of people said they bought a product they saw advertised on TV in the past month. 59% bought that item the same day as they saw the ad.
  • 44% of people said they bought a product they heard advertised on RADIO in the past month. 69% bought that item the same day as they heard the ad.
  • 35% of people said they bought a product they noticed advertised on the INTERNET in the past month. 67% bought that item the same day as they saw the online ad.

The SMS survey was conducted under strictly controlled research conditions by an independent international company, GeoPoll, to ensure fairness and accuracy.

The survey has been conducted for the past three years to ensure validity of results, and has been shared privately with media companies. This survey is the first to be publicly released.

Presenting the data at the Media Market Day, GeoPoll Senior Manager Tavian MacKinnon explained: “SMS surveys allow for rapid data collection and provide stakeholders the ability to understand Liberia’s media landscape through GeoPoll’s Audience Measurement tool.”

Selim Ariturk, Public Affairs Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Monrovia told the audience: “Liberia’s first nationwide broadcast ratings data will help business leaders make the best possible advertising decisions for their organizations.  The USAID-funded GeoPoll findings will give demographic data on the audience pool that will help businesses target their marketing.  The Embassy is very glad to support this, because we know how vital independent media is in any democracy – and because we know that for media to be truly independent, they need advertising-based revenue. The benefits to companies are not just altruistic; more effective advertising will help companies grow their reputation, their brand – and their customer base.”

International media business expert Steve Ahern, from AMT Australia, hosted the market day and gave examples of how media companies can use research data to increase their advertising revenue and improve their programs.

“Reliable ratings information gives confidence to advertisers and media businesses. The important thing is to work together as an industry to grow the market… it’s like a football game, fight hard to win on the field, but act in the best interests of the whole sport when you are off the field,” said Ahern.

Internews Chief of Party Jan McArthur closed the market day by congratulating Liberia’s media on its rapid growth and urging media businesses, advertisers and regulators to “work together to strengthen the media landscape in Liberia into the future.”

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Internews LMD DCOP Tawedzegwa Musitini, [email protected]
Summaries of the GeoPoll information, high res logos and photos from the Media Market Day are available on request from Internews.

Notes for Editors

How is the sample selected? Sample comes from any respondent within the country with a mobile phone under one of GeoPoll’s partner Mobile Network Operators. GeoPoll screens for users who are age 15+ and aims to achieve a representative panel across demographics.

How is the data collected and analyzed? All data is collected via SMS, and is available in our online UI dashboard. GeoPoll analysists validate raw data and UI dashboard ratings and metrics to ensure accurate and timely delivery.

Can we rely on the data? GeoPoll data reaches respondents across locations, gender, and age, is representative of mobile phone owners in each market. Sample Sizes over 500 have a margin of error of less than +/- 4.4% at a 95% confidence level. Our data consistently picks up spikes for typically high rating events, such as football matches for example.

Since 2012, GeoPoll has been a leader in providing affordable market research from areas that are difficult to access using traditional methods, conducting over 7 million surveys per year through the mobile phone. Working with international multilaterals, NGOs, research agencies, brands, and media groups, GeoPoll facilitates projects that provide critical data on resources, living conditions, and aid, measure ROI of advertisements, assess customer satisfaction, and more. See

Steve Ahern is an internationally recognised broadcast trainer, new media specialist and media business consultant. He is the author the text book Making Radio, and the proprietor of two successful online trade-publications and He is chairman of several private media companies and is on the board of the Community Broadcasting Foundation of Australia. Steve currently works with media companies around the world to help them evolve and adapt successfully in the changing media environment.