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Public health is a crucial priority on the global development aid agenda. Nations trying to manage new epidemics amid existing disease and malnutrition burdens face challenges to their own development, which, in turn, have an impact on global development.

Internews believes local media is an under-utilized tool in public health strategies. Establishing, supporting, and enhancing local information platforms can contribute significantly to health-seeking behavior and community mobilization around health issues.

Internews’ goal when it comes to global health is simple: to ensure free, easy access to quality health information so that individuals, communities, and governments can make informed decisions to protect, improve, and save lives.

Cover: A Story a Day...Internews conducted an assessment in May-June 2012 and produced a report - A Story a Day.. - of its health journalism project in Kenya to gauge insight into the impact of the project aimed at improving the health of Kenyans.

In July 2012, journalists and staff from Kenya attended and reported from the International AIDS Conference in Washington DC, offering perspectives on the role of health journalism.

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