Raising Women’s Voices in the Media

We know that the the voices of women in media matter.

At Internews, we are inspired by the One Billion Rising campaign, a global call to women and men across the planet to gather in their communities to demand an end to violence against women and girls. One Billion Rising encourages people to gather, dance, or take any meaningful actions as a means of protesting global violence against women and girls.

1 billion rising - 14 February 2013 - Strike Dance Rise

What’s our meaningful action? Raising women’s voices in the media.

On February 14, write a letter to the editor of your paper. Call into your local radio station. Blog about violence in your community. Tell us, and One Billion Rising, about your voice in the media with the hashtags #1BillionRising and #RaisingMyVoice.

Why do Women’s Voices matter?

We believe that effective local media is a root solution to critical social, economic, and political issues. And we know that media plays this role best when women are involved.

The Global Media Monitoring Project monitors women’s voices in the world's news media. In 2010, they found:

  • Only 13% of all stories focus on women
  • Only 24% of the people you hear about on broadcast media or read about in print were female
  • Over 80% of the “experts” interviewed were men

But when women engage with media, the result is better news for the entire community. The Monitoring Project found that stories by female reporters are visibly more likely to challenge stereotyopes than those filed by male reporters.

Media can create safer spaces for dialogue. In highly conservative societies such as Afghanistan, we have seen over and over that media allows for a safe, anonymous venues for women to express their opinions. Media have a unique ability to address the root causes of discrimination, including violence against women.

So make your voice heard. Take action on February 14 and add a new voice in your local media. #1BillionRising #RaisingMyVoice

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