Haiti – Humanitarian Feedback Bulletin

The Haiti Humanitarian Information Service (HIS) is a UKAID funded project launched in October 2016 to respond to the devastating effects of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. The goal is to improve the quality of timely and actionable information in Haitian communities affected by the hurricane in order to reduce their vulnerability, improve protection outcomes and promote accountability in the response.

Internews is working with local media to provide technical assistance for the rehabilitation of local radio stations. We are also providing training, mentoring and technical support to local media professionals reporting on the humanitarian situation and responding to the information needs of the affected population. 

In order to improve accountability and make sure that the voices of Haitians are being heard, Internews is providing technical support to humanitarian agencies and local organizations involved in the response, to help them identify the most effective formats and methods to reach local audiences.

Humanitarian Feedback Bulletin

As part of its communication strategy within the HIS Haiti Project, Internews is producing the Humanitarian Feedback Bulletin that keeps humanitarian organizations informed of key issues concerning the affected population, as expressed by Haitian communities in their own words. Internews works on the ground with local partners to collect citizens’ feedback and questions on a weekly basis. By providing a synthesis of the feedback, Internews aims to put the concerns and feedback of the affected and at-risk populations at the forefront of the response. 

Download the reports: