Impact Series

Impact Series

Our #InternewsImpact series explores the issues and causes behind Internews’ work worldwide.

A journalist interviews an Afghan man; some boys watch.

Citizen Voice

When citizens have access to trustworthy media that includes diverse perspectives and sources, they are empowered to speak out on the issues that affect them most. Learn more about citizen participation in media.

A woman demonstrates a video camera to a schoolgirl

Women and Media

When women participate freely online, when women make the news, and when the voices of women and girls are heard, we all make progress toward global equality. Learn more about women and media.

A woman is shown from the back working on a laptop

Journalist Safety and Security

To play their vital watchdog role in society, journalists need the skills and training to keep themselves safe from digital and physical threats. Learn more about keeping journalists safe.

A woman woman carries a child over a dusty road

Healthy Communities

Internews' work helps underserved and marginalized communities access local and relevant health information that leads to action and healthy lives. Learn more about keeping communities healthy.

Three men sit around a table outside a newsstand reading newspapers.

Who Pays for Local News?

Innovation and new business models are needed to support sustainable local media that build trust and provide communities with relevant and useful information. Learn more about media sustainability.

A woman speaks into a mic on the street while a group of children watch

Countering Disinformation

Internews’ work counters disinformation on multiple fronts to make sure that people get the accurate information they need to make good decisions. Learn more about countering disinformation.