Our Strengths

Our Strengths

Successful information and media solutions must be rooted in local culture, values and capacities. In all corners of the world, Internews works with local partners to develop and implement programs that make a positive impact.

Local partnerships build global reach

For 35 years, we have cultivated and maintained partners, people and offices in more than 100 countries. These relationships with local partners, local experts, staff, and former staff build a foundation of global reach, diverse expertise, real time information, field insights, and program partners. Our local partners are key to the long-term viability and impact of our programs.

Innovative adaptation of technology

The potential impact of our mission has only grown as technologies enable more effective and inclusive communications. While we are technology-neutral in our approach, we excel at finding and adapting appropriate, forward-looking technology in our programs, from the lowest tech to the most advanced. We strive to experiment with a wide-range of technologies and cultivate real world, locally-informed experience for our programs.


Work in challenging places

We have a proven ability to work in the most challenging places, from remote areas to some of the most heavily censored countries in the world. This capacity allows us to both respond quickly to emerging opportunities and reach the most information-poor and vulnerable people in support of our mission. Our operational investments include digital security, physical security, rapid response systems, and lightweight logistical approaches.

Opinions & Editorial

Deeply local solutions

We have developed a decentralized and entrepreneurial model that supports deeply local approaches. This approach drives the relevance, impact, and sustainability of our programs in the communities where we work. It gives us the local flexibility to find the best solutions in context, giving our organization the nimbleness required to work in a rapidly changing, uncertain and complex world.