Strategic Approaches



We focus on the fundamental ability of people to safely access the information they need from a diverse variety of sources. While internet access is expanding, we see worrying trends away from competition and diversity online and see too many people left in information-dark spaces, with little or no information access, on or offline. Our support for local advocates who promote diverse and competitive media channels and an open, affordable Internet ensures that robust access increases.



When content spurs conversations and leads to action, it is a powerful vehicle for change. We build the skills of content creators while helping them evolve sustainable business models so they can keep high-quality information flowing. In many of the places we work, locally-produced and locally-relevant content is scarce. There are damaging gaps in vital issues, such as health and the environment. We fill critical gaps in quality content by building the capacity and market viability of local content creators.



When people don’t feel heard, trust drops and tensions rise. We know that when media reflects the larger community, trust and civic engagement increases and we all benefit. At Internews, in every community where we work, we focus on excluded groups such as women and ethnic and religious minorities. With our partners, we build broad-based skills, support the policy space, and open up new opportunities to help ensure that all voices are included.



We believe increased engagement leads to increased demand for better quality news and information, creating a more virtuous cycle between access, content and engagement. We strive to improve media, information and data literacy, so that people are better able to discern the validity and integrity of the news and information they consume. We understand that true engagement requires not just encouraging participation, but also building the capacity to listen among media producers.

Impact: Journalist Safety & Security

To play their vital watchdog role in society, journalists need the skills and training to keep themselves safe from digital and physical threats.

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