Media content in the Central African crisis: an overview and solutions for further peace-building and governance interventions

Reports & Surveys

Through its current project – Supporting Local Media to Inform Vulnerable Populations – Internews, in cooperation with Institut Panos Europe, supported monitoring of the media in the Central African Republic during a month-long period in April and May of 2014.

The monitoring was conducted by a team from the Central African self-regulatory body: Observatoire des Médias Centrafricains (OMCA – Observatory of the Central African media sector).

This report presents the results of the monitoring and analysis of six radio stations located in Bangui, six daily newspapers and four websites, which resulted in 248 hours of news and information radio programs and 448 articles.

The independent report was supported by funding from USAID, and does not necessarily reflect the views of USAID.

Download the report: Media Content in the Central African Crisis