Jordan Institutional Capacity Small Grants Program: Call for Applications

Internews is welcoming applications from a variety of media producers, including radio and print media outlets, web-based platforms, digital hyperlocal information providers, and CSOs that are developing “media arms” of their operations through citizen journalism based in Jordan for its small grants program, part of the Data of Change project.

The objective of these grants is to enable independent media to use digital tools more effectively to engage with their audiences and generate revenue. The program aims to assist local media producers with the development and implementation of capacity building plans, which will include training around various methods to increase financial sustainability and organizational development, deliver grant funding, training and mentoring, to support independent media in Jordan. The grants may also be used to plan and implement specific business models (such as subscription-based models, membership models etc.).


Data for Change is funded by the US Department of State and implemented by Internews. In consultation with local partners, Internews will select six to ten independent media outlets and public interest information platforms to participate in a six-month mentorship program focusing on developing and testing solutions in the digital space. Selected outlets will each receive between $1,000-$10,000 of funding, depending on the scale of their proposal and capacity, and are expected to commit to participation in program activities and mentorship until March 2020.

The Grants

The grants are aimed at small- to medium-sized independent outlets looking to strengthen their digital presence through more effective audience engagement and/or to develop new revenue streams, as well as young media startups that seek expertise in how to integrate the most effective digital audience engagement tools and techniques into their platforms.

Grants will cover a six-month training and mentoring period in which recipients will complete a guided self-assessment followed by tailored capacity-building and mentoring, delivered according to assessment findings and a capacity-building plan jointly developed by Internews consultants and the recipient. Grants may also fund locally sourced, short-term personnel, such as digital and advertising specialists for website (re)designs, hardware, software, or technical assistance, or support plans to adopt new business strategies or to test new business models.

The program does not aim to fund individual journalists or storytelling projects.

Applicants can apply for between $1,000-$10,000 of funding for their organization’s participation in the program. At this ‘Call for Applications’ stage, applicants are required to outline how they intend to use the requested grant funding as well as a cost estimate with a budget summary. The application should also briefly outline the activities the applicant is looking to fund (for example hiring an external online advertising expert, improving digital infrastructure for better audience reach etc.). If your organization is shortlisted, you may be asked to provide a more detailed budget breakdown.

The Program

Grantees will be asked to record and share progress, lessons learned, and impact achieved and report it at the end of each month through a progress reporting template. 

During the program, grantees will attend trainings with other grantees and mentorship sessions by consultant experts who will help them achieve their objective. Internews and its consultant expert may also work with the grantee to improve business processes and practices and use innovative technologies when applicable.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be considered eligible to apply, applicants must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated commitment to upholding professional journalistic standards and ethics; quality of current digital content and production
  •  Willingness to engage with consultants and invest time and resources in their own development, and motivation to build their own capacity through sustained work with experts in multimedia journalism and business management
  •  Independent editorial policy
  • Proven commitment to ethical public service journalism
  • At least basic technical skills and capacity for producing multimedia digital content
  • Ability to allocate time and physical resources to work with consultant experts over 6-8 months.
  • Applicants should make sure to address these points in their application

Application Information

Before you spend time filling in your application, please make sure you know all about the program and required documents.

Applications must be submitted online, but in case you don’t receive a confirmation message after you submit your application via Google Forms, please make sure you submit a complete package to by 9am 7 October 2019

Application form in English | Application form in Arabic

Make sure the following is included in your application form:

  • An Introduction to the organization applying: a description of past and present operations and activities.
  • Application Summary: a short narrative that outlines your organizational need, including goals and anticipated impact, a brief justification on why your organization should be supported and how it will contribute to Jordan’s media community and benefit Jordanian citizens.
  • A complete filled out budget: small grants may be used to fund locally sourced, short-term personnel, such as digital and advertising specialists for website re-designs or upgrades, or other investments in hardware, software, personnel or technical assistance.
  • Three samples of content produced by your organization in the past two years.

Kindly note that the named representative submitting the application on behalf of a media outlet should also be the person who will lead the project within the organization.

Applicants may be asked to provide additional information.

Selection Criteria

  1. Applicants are interested in targeted assistance across two areas critical to media sustainability: Audience Engagement and Revenue Development. We anticipate working with two sub-sets of counterparts: 1) small to medium size outlets that are looking to strengthen their digital presence and build revenues through more effective audience engagement, and 2) young “digital first” media entrepreneurs/start-ups that are developing online content platforms and seek expertise to integrate the most effective digital audience engagement tools and techniques into their platforms.
  2. Applicant has clear overview of the current barriers their organization faces, as well as the potential for impact of these small grants and expert technical assistance within the organization and for the community that the organization is serving.
  3. Applicant has a clear business objective that will benefit from a defined amount of grant funding. This business objective should aim to develop new approaches to and/or enhance effectiveness of participatory revenue models. The objective should be tangible and hands-on and go beyond memberships and subscriptions/user analysis or user research. 
  4. The applicant organization has the capacity to execute the objective efficiently within the time frame of the project.
  5. The applicant organization has the ability to continue to deliver toward the objective after the grant support ends.

For any queries, please contact