Internews Intern Works to Connect Millennials to the Mission of International Journalism

Casimir Marschall, a senior at Albert Einstein High School in Kensington, MD, volunteered at Internews’ Washington, DC office this summer. As part of his independent study, he sought to understand Internews’ work from the perspective of its senior staff.

Casimir said, “This is a project that will seek to uncover the difference in sentiment and value placed on journalism by journalists and communications professionals and millennials. The exact question this project seeks to ask is, ‘Do you feel journalism/communications has real, practical value in solving dire challenges?’ I hope to compare the perception of journalism among millennials and seasoned professionals, and find where the two perspectives diverge most. In the process, I hope to enlighten a few millennials on the real role and status of journalism/communications in the world today, and inform journalists who themselves may be unaware of how they are viewed by the incoming generation.”

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Casimir’s report was prepared independently for Albert Einstein High School, and does not necessarily reflect the views of Internews or its partners.