Key Issues

Key Issues

Internews works across a wide range of issues in the fast-moving information and media landscape to reach the most information poor and disadvantaged. From fighting propaganda and corruption to combatting extremism, from protecting a free and open internet to media and data literacy, from strengthening governance and health systems to supporting local media.

Environment: A man takes a photo at the edge of a river


Improving the quality and quantity of environmental reporting worldwide.

Health: A woman and a man squat looking at a camera


Trusted health information is a vital service in its own right.

Humanitarian: A girl writes on a concrete brick wall


Working to improve communication flows between humanitarian organizations, local media and the people affected by natural and man-made crises.

Gender Equality: A woman holds a mic to another woman while 3 children look on

Gender Equality

Supporting women in media and information...When women's voices are heard; when women produce the news; the information we all consume improves.

Global Technology: laptop computer with hands on the keyboard

Global Technology

Technology and data are critical tools in the fight to provide people everywhere with safe and reliable access to credible, accurate information.

Governance & Technology: 3 women in burqas put ballots in a box

Governance & Transparency

Holding governments accountable by supporting investigative journalism and reforming media laws.