Leveraging the Media for Good in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is embracing a more democratic and open government and with that comes the opportunity to use media and information to advance social goals.

Young Journalists in Sri Lanka Excel in Reporting on Deadly Landslides

Reporting on disasters where people have lost lives and homes requires providing accurate and clear information to survivors. It also requires being respectful and sensitive about the trauma survivors have experienced. A group of young reporters took these standards to heart when they reported on the catastrophic landslides caused by Tropical Storm Roanu that hit Sri Lanka in May.

After covering the disaster and its afermath with these novice journalists, their mentor Amantha Perera said, “I would do it all over again.” Read more>>

Leveraging Technology for Social Change in Sri Lanka

Along with a deep thirst for social progress, democracy and transparency in Sri Lanka, there is emerging a  vibrant tech sector and a powerful opportunity to establish Sri Lanka as a thought leader in South Asia for building an engaged and inclusive information environment. Nurturing an inclusive entrepreneurial spirit in the ICT, media and social impact communities will contribute to Sri Lanka moving forward with optimism and energy and avoid slipping back into earlier cycles of violence and repression. Read more>>