Liberia – Newsletter for Media

The Internews Newsletter for Media in Liberia is intended to support the work of local media in reporting about Ebola and Ebola related issues in Liberia. Internews welcomes feedback, comments and suggestions from all media receiving this newsletter and invites all of them to forward, share and re-post this newsletter as widely as possible.

Issue #18 – July 11, 2015

In late 2014 Internews established the “Information Saves Lives” program in Liberia. Its aims were to investigate and respond to public rumors about Ebola; to train and empower journalists to report accurately about health issues; and to stimulate the exchange of information in response to the urgent Ebola health crisis. As we publish our last newsletter, we reflect on how our project has worked to strengthen the flow of information between the public, humanitarian agencies, and the media in Liberia. In particular, through the publication of the newsletters you have been receiving, we have sought to strengthen the quality of communications about humanitarian activities to local media while building their capacity to gather, analyse, assess and report accurate and timely Ebola-related information. In this way Internews has ensured two-way communication and provided Ebola-related information to affected populations, with the support of USAID funding through the HC3 mechanism. PSI Liberia was instrumental in the establishment of Internews’ operation in the country. We are grateful to USAID, HC3 and PSI Liberia for this support.

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