Liberia: Radio Station Maps

For each of the radio stations below, Internews has produced a map, as well as other data such as number of staff, programming, condition of transmitter and audience size.

Radio Haper 96.1Mhz

Barrobo Community Radio 89.5 Mhz

Voice of Truth 104.4 Mhz

Phoenix FM 102.7 Mhz

Voice of Pleebo 93.5 Mhz

Marwopnet Radio 96.7 Mhz

Radio Salam 90.5 Mhz

Radio Piso 93.2 Mhz

Radio Cape Mountain 102.4 Mhz

Top FM 105.3 Mhz

Peace Radio 95.0 Mhz

Smile FM 93.6 Mhz

Voice of Sasstown 95.5 Mhz

Voice of Grand Kru 98.1 Mhz

RBS Rivercess Broadcasting Service 93.3 Mhz

Echo Radio (Voice FM) 89.5 Mhz

Voice of Webbo 98.5 Mhz

Radio Gee 90.2 Mhz

Radio Bomi 98.9 Mhz

Voice of Sinoe 88.3 Mhz

Liberty Broad Services 105.5 Mhz

Voice of KPO 92.5 Mhz

Human Rights Radio (off air)

Radio Gbarpolu (off air)

Capital FM 89.7 Mhz

El-Net Radio 98.3 Mhz

Farbri Radio 101.1 Mhz

Liberty Radio 88.1 Mhz

Hott FM Monrovia 107.9 Mhz

Lib 24 105. 1 Mhz

LWDR FM 91.1 Mhz

Magic FM Monrovia 99.1 Mhz

Okay FM 9.5 Mhz

Power FM 93.3 Mhz

Radio Advent (Elra) 93.7 Mhz

Radio Bethel 103.5 Mhz

Radio Monrovia 92.1 Mhz

Red Power FM 100.3 Mhz

Sky FM 107.0 Mhz

Truth FM 96.1 Mhz

United Methodist Radio 98.7 Mhz

Veritas FM 97.9 Mhz

Voice FM 102.7 Mhz

Voice of Rural Montserrado (VRM)

Al-Falaah Radio 95.1 Mhz

Elwa Radio 94.5 Mhz

Super FM 95.5 Mhz

Destiny FM 101.5 Mhz

D15 FM 98.1 Mhz

Prime FM 105.5 Mhz

Radio Five 107.7 Mhz

Voice of Hope FM 100.7 Mhz

Worship FM 101.7 Mhz

Ylamba FM (off air) 96.2 Mhz

Radio Syiekimpa

Voice of Camp 4 90.6 Mhz

Fliumpa FM 92.5 Mhz

Voice of Tappita 90.0 Mhz

Voice of Meinpea 100.1 Mhz

Radio Voice Karnplay 102.5 Mhz

Radio Sehnwai 97.9 Mhz

Radio Saclepea 101.5 Mhz

Radio Nimba 99.5 Mhz

Kergheamahn 94.5 Mhz

Hott FM Nimba 107.9 Mhz

ABC Radio 95.7 Mhz

Gompa FM 106.5 Mhz

Christ Vision Radio 94.9 Mhz

Radio Gbarnga 105.5 Mhz

Salala Broadcasting Services

Radio Zota (off air)

Radio Gbartala 105.7 Mhz

Radio Jorwah 92.5 Mhz

Radio Kwaghe 92.4 Mhz

Radio Super Bongese 104.9 Mhz

Radio Totota 105.5 Mhz

Voice of Reconciliation 104.1 Mhz

YMCA Radio 95.1 Mhz

Hott FM Gbarnga 104.2 Mhz

Bong Mines FM 95.6 Mhz

Radio Joy Africa 97.5 Mhz

Radio Kakata 104.6 Mhz

Radio Peace FM 96.0 Mhz

Sawu FM 104.2 Mhz

Atlantic Radio FM 92.7 Mhz

Elys 98.5 Mhz

Stone FM Harbel 105.0 Mhz

Vahun Community Radio 100.5 Mhz

Radio Kintoma 101.1 Mhz

Radio Zorzor 92.5 Mhz

Tamba Taikor 94.1 Mhz

Voice of Lofa (no access) 99.3 Mhz

Radio Makona (no access)

Harleygnee Community Radio 102.5 Mhz

Diahn-Blae Community Radio 87.9 Mhz

Voice of Wee 97.5 Mhz

Radio Gbehzon 107.3 Mhz

Radio Dukpa 89.1 Mhz

Lacsa FM 92.5 Mhz

Magic FM 99.3 Mhz

National Map of Radio Stations in Liberia

Signal by Station Type

Signal Cover by County