In the Loop

In the Loop explores the concerns and perceptions of people affected by the EU refugee crisis. Internews documents online and offline feedback gathered from refugees and migrants on a daily basis. By providing analysis of this feedback, the review aims to strengthen accountability and close the feedback loop by giving voice to Persons of Concern.

Special Editions

Single Males

In April 2017, Internews produced a five-page special issue of In The Loop called, Challenging Assumptions: Vulnerabilities of single males (in English) to highlight the voices of single men in Greece, here defined as “unattached” or “unaccompanied” adult refugee males, so as to gain a deeper understanding of their concerns in this refugee crisis. A set of programming recommendations/suggestions was provided by Care. 


In February 2017, Internews produced a four-page special issue of In The Loop featuring the voices of refugees and migrants in Greece and Macedonia (FYROM) on the complex topic of integration.


Since January 2016, 38 percent of new arrivals to Greece have been children. Yet we rarely hear what they have to say. In December Internews produced an eight-page special issue of In The Loop featuring the voices and artwork of refugee and migrant children in Greece.

Weekly Reports