Internews Ambassadors are individuals who have demonstrated significant leadership and success in their profession and who have an interest in Internews’ purpose of supporting the truth and those who report it. They help to represent our public agenda, participate in the promotion of our cause and encourage further support from their networks.

Sarah Baxter - head shot

Sarah Baxter, Deputy Editor, The Sunday Times

“I’m a huge admirer of the role Internews plays in bringing a free and open media to parts of the world where the truth can be hard to establish. Internews has a proud record of supporting independent reporters, establishing new media outlets and training the next generation of journalists and broadcasters. As a champion of the free press at a time when news people trust can seem in short supply, I’m delighted to be an ambassador for such a great cause. The free flow of accurate information is at the heart of all open societies and can never be taken for granted.”
Lord Black - head shot

Lord Black of Brentwood, Deputy Chairman, Telegraph Media Group

“The work of Internews has never been more important. At a time when information has never been so available, but so much of it unreliable, and the the threats to free media more toxic than ever, Internews has an absolutely vital role to play in continuing to fight the corrosion of propaganda, preserve an open internet and support and strengthen local media – all of which help to fight the scourge of corruption and extremism. As someone who has spent a lifetime seeking to defend free and open media, I am immensely proud to be an Ambassador.”
Simon Jenkins

Sir Simon Jenkins, Journalist and Author

“I am delighted to join Internews because the promotion of the media and the defence of those who work in it are simply the crucial aids to free societies worldwide. Without them democracy is dead. We should never sleep in that cause. “
Martyn Lewis - head shot

Sir Martyn Lewis CBE, journalist, broadcaster, former BBC & ITN news anchor, Chairman of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, and Executive Chairman of YourBigDay Ltd.

“We are living in times where Internews is needed more than ever. It marshalls decades of experience in working with communities and countries around the world to ensure that the news that shapes the daily and future lives of people is news they can really trust. I am proud to be an Internews ambassador because its values resonate strongly with my long-standing campaign for more constructive journalism where you report on potential solutions to problems as well as the problems themselves. Also known as Solutions Journalism or Solutions-focused journalism, it is rapidly gaining traction around the world and, as such, is tapping into the ideals that have inspired the work of Internews across the last few decades.”
John O'Brien - head shot

John O’Brien MBE, Managing Partner EMEA for Omnicom’s ethical communication and marketing consortium ONE HUNDRED. He is an ethical purpose expert, bestselling author and serial campaigner.

“I work in the field of communications, ranging from marketing and advertising through to public relations digital and experiential platforms. Never has there been a greater need for transparent and authentic story telling. Whether a marketer or a journalist, it is beholden upon all to aspire to the highest standards of ethics and endeavour to tell stories truthfully and well. Undoubtedly, the explosion of social media has been empowering, but at the same time it has swamped the news and communication environment with un-attributable commentary, spurious sources and darker forces of propaganda and manipulation. Internews is the leading organisation battling against this and promoting the truth and those who report it. For that reason, I am proud to be an ambassador and help promote access to media and information for those who are most in need of it.”
Eva Simpson - head shot

Eva Simpson, Award winning national newspaper Journalist & Editor

“Getting news you can trust in times of stability, but especially in times of crisis, is vital to people across the world. That’s why I support the incredible work of Internews. The journalists that Internews trains work tirelessly to erode information darkness and to ensure disadvantaged communities across the world have access to news and information.
Internews has supported the development of thousands of media outlets in over 100 countries. They have also identified the need to tackle the under-representation of women and other marginalized voices in global media, and is actively trying to make a difference in this area, which is again, something I whole-heartedly support.”