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Des textos changent la vie des villageois (Text messages change the lives of villagers)

February 9, 2018
In Burkina Faso, villagers can get weather and climate information via text (Video from TV5 Monde)

Internews' BRACED project in Burkina Faso aims at increasing the availability and quality of relevant information on climate variability and change at the local and national level by building the capacity of the media – mainly radio – and deploying innovative tools to facilitate broad access to weather-focused information, working with local radio partners, mentoring media outlets and training local capacities.

As part of the activities implemented by Internews colleagues in Burkina Faso, Internews collaborates with an SMS provider to disseminate weather forecast information via SMS.

The first part of this video (in French) from TV5 Monde features the BRACED program.

The video highlights three initiatives relying on mobile technology that have changed the life of local populations in Burkina Faso:

  • Internews' initiative under the BRACED program (see above);
  • An initiative allowing farmers and sellers at local level to receive the evolution of cereals price markets on their mobile;
  • An initiative allowing families to register a birth via their mobile with the support with the hospital’s staff.

The BRACED project is funded by UKAID/DFID.

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