Photos displayed on easels

First ever National Geographic Photo Camp in Myanmar Exhibition happening at American Center, Yangon

September 28, 2018
Internews helped organize a 5-day photo camp for young people in Mandalay

Opening event of the first ever National Geographic Photo Camp in Myanmar Exhibition took place at American Center in Yangon.The exhibition is happening from 21st to 30th of September in Yangon.

The photographs were taken by 21 youth participants who receive photography training from National Geographic Trainers to capture the diverse culture and people in Mandalay.

Ms. Teresa McGhie, mission director of the USAID, one of the organizing partners of the photo camp said, “Among many places of interest and attraction, we think Mandalay is a center for diversity in Myanmar. You all kinds of ethnic diversity there. So it provides the field of subject matter for photographers.”

21 photographers took about 40,000 photos across Mandalay.

Arker, 23-year old Rakhine photographer shared his experience of practical training in Muslim Community.

"I am Rakhine and as a coincidence, I was assigned to take photos of Muslim community in Mandalay. I was afraid to do that at first due to the situation here in Myanmar. But then I decided to do it. I went to a village, 30 miles from U Bein Bridge. Muslim people resided there. And I got a chance to capture live of the Muslim people working and studying."

Among the organizing partners of the photocamp, Internews Myanmar is one of them.

Mr.Michael Pan, Country director of Internews in Myanmar said, "First criteria would be age limit which is the participants are required to be within the age range of from 18 to 25. Second criteria is they have to demonstrate the interest and commitment in photography. Last but not least they have to demonstrate the understanding of diversity and benefits of that in Myanmar."

The 5-day training for the photo camp happened in Mandalay and 21 participants are selected from 411 applicants.

The photo exhibition of will be organized in three venues; American Center and Pansuriya art gallery in Yangon and another venue in Mandalay.

Arker Kyaw