Reports Speak of High Turnout of Women Voters during October Polls

November 1, 2017

(The Liberia Media Development Community Media Forum is implemented by Internews.)

USAID’s efforts to encourage female participation in the Electoral Process seem to have paid off as reports indicate that more women than men turned out to vote.

In one such report, the Executive Director of the Bassa Women Development Association, Madam Martha Flanga Karnga, attributed the massive turnout of women during the October 10 elections in Grand Bassa County to the Liberia Media Development Community Media Forum, which was held in April 2017.

The forum held under the theme “Increasing Women Participation in Elections: Prospects and Challenges,” was conducted in partnership with Radio Dukpa. Madam Karnga was one of the panelists during the forum and said the gathering served as an eye opener for the many women who turned out to cast their votes on October 10. Despite coming out in large numbers to vote, not many women were voted for as representatives. Under the Liberia Elections and Political Transitions initiative,

USAID supported a boot camp that trained and mentored women in critical political and leadership skills. Sixty eight of the women trained by the boot camp ran in their respective districts. However, only four were elected to the Legislature.

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