Fellowships Opportunity: Cover the Rio Earth Summit this Summer

Person stands on a grassy hill with the city of Rio in the background
Rio as seen from the hills of Dois Irmão.  (credit: Pedro Menezes/O Eco)

Internews’ Earth Journalism Network (EJN) and O Eco have developed a Fellowship program to bring journalists to the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Fellowship program will start on June 14th, when the Fellows will arrive in Rio. The days prior to the Rio+20 Summit will include journalism training sessions, pre-Summit conferences, and at least one field trip. The Fellows will cover the Summit itself on June 20-22 and return home on June 23rd.

EJN and O Eco will cover travel to the Summit, accommodation for the duration of the Fellowship program, and a daily stipend.

All applicants must commit to attend for the full length of the Fellowship program and provide a letter of support from their editor/producer/supervisor confirming that:

  • They can attend for the entire period of the program
  • The material they produce during the program will be published or broadcast by their media outlet.
  • This materials can be re-produced on the program’s website, with full credit given to original media outlet.

Freelancers are welcome to apply, but must provide a support letter from a media house that will publish or broadcast their coverage of the Summit.

All applicants must apply online. Currently the partners have funding to support approximately 15 journalists.. Applicants must have a demonstrated commitment to covering sustainable development issues, and be fluent in either English, Spanish or Portuguese (fluency in more than one of these languages is a plus). Applicants with special interest and ability to cover mountain issues, particularly from the Himalayan and Andes regions are also sought. If you apply and are so interested, please also send an e-mail to Joydeep Gupta at jgupta@internews.org.

The deadline for all applications to the Fellowship program is April 25th, 2012 at 23:59 Rio time. This Fellowship program is being carried out with the support of Fundo Vale and an anonymous contributor to Internews.

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